"I am currently transitioning into my second year at NYU Tisch School of the Arts as a B.F.A. Dance major. I will forever be grateful for being able to experience such a life changing and inspiring time with Westside Dance Project. Through my incredible three years with WDP (2012-2015), Jessie provided me with a new lens in seeing this powerful art form of dance. I was introduced to a more rigorous training that taught me the equally important and beneficial aspects of both ballet and contemporary technique. I finally found a clear connection between the forms and learned how to utilize both in my dance expression, freely. As a member of WDP, I was surrounded by peers who were just as fully committed and passionate towards our training and performance as aspiring artists and as a result, I was constantly inspired by my fellow members during class and rehearsal and we grew as a family, encouraging one another and learning from each other. Not only did I transform as a dancer, but my growth as a student, peer, and an artist is nearly indescribable as well."

                                                               Dasol Kim